How to set up a Tor Exit Node & sniff traffic.

Omaid Faizyar
3 min readApr 8, 2018

I decided to run my own Tor Exit node as a cheap way to add value to humanity. As always, I decided to have some fun with it. This is for educational purposes, don’t be a dick and stop using HTTP dammit.

Fun Fact: Wikileaks started out by running Tor exit nodes and sniffing traffic for documents and emails. By following this article, you’re a cheap wig and a few cases of sexual assault away from being the next Julian Assange.

Step 1. Finding a VPS

First, you’re going to need a VPS. Finding a hosting provider that is Tor friendly is generally difficult to do. No worries, we’re going to use Cockbox. They’re cheap, privacy friendly, accept bitcoin, and will generally leave you alone unless you do something really stupid.

Step 2. Configure Tor

Once you have your VPS, use the Tor Relay Configurator which will walk you through installing Tor, and configuring it correctly. This is a very painless process. Once you start arm, you should see traffic flowing.

Step 3. Sniffing Traffic

Fun Fact: Almost immediately…



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