How To Look Rich and Successful So You Can Scam People

Omaid Faizyar
2 min readNov 14, 2019

@BallerBusters went viral today, showcasing the seedy world of fake rich and successful teenagers who scam people into buying their courses.

As a fellow Twitter Guru who also sells a how-to-get-rich-slowly-through-hard-work course, I’m here to show you how cheap social proof really is.

You can look like a successful millionaire for only $4,048.

Rented Lamborghini

This is the MUST HAVE for any Guru. It screams ‘I’m successful but have a very basic taste in cars’.

Price: $1,500

A Fake Rolex

Why? Millennials think a Rolex is what rich people wear(they don’t)

Price: $300 on Perfect Watches, or $50 on the Dark Web

Fake Instagram Followers


Price: $25 for 10K followers on InstaResellers

A Verified Instagram Account

Blue Checks are celebrities on social media(or at-least, they tend to think so).



Omaid Faizyar

I hack into companies for a living and dabble in Bitcoin. Sometimes get quoted on Russia Today.