How to create a Bitcoin Exchange in 5 minutes.

Omaid Faizyar
3 min readFeb 23, 2019


The bear market is almost over!

You decide to create your own Bitcoin exchange.

You Google ‘How to create a Bitcoin Exchange’.

Hey! A Medium article! Those are pretty reliable! Now you’re here.

Well, here we go. We’re going to create a Bitcoin Exchange in 5 minutes, with only the following tools installed: NodeJs,Yarn,Express,MongoDB

First, download my completely underrated repository that I open-sourced last year, and follow the GIF below.

If the GIF above is too fast for you, the commands are:

git clone

cd Bitcoin-Exchange/


cd ..

npm start

You’re going to get an error message. This is because you haven’t created an Access Token. Sign up for an account here.

Go to your User Settings → Developer Options. Create an access token. Follow the GIF below. We’re using testnet so your 2FA code is ‘000000’.

Edit the 8th line of /server/routes/api.js with your new access token

Let’s go back to our terminal and try again.

No errors…could it be? The last two steps are:

  1. Open up your browser and go to http://localhost:3000
  2. Pat yourself on the back
You don’t need to tell me there’s a typo. When we’re moving this fast, we don’t need spellcheck.

Nice! It looks just like Coinbase! You’re going to be a millionaire in no time.

You can even create your own account.

You get a nice exchange rate, a brand new Bitcoin wallet just for you, and even an RSS feed featuring Bitcoin news. Your users will never be bored. You’ve just created the new Facebook. Nice.

But does the wallet work? Go ahead and find a Testnet Bitcoin faucet and send it to your address.

Hold your breath, and go back to your wallet balance.

Amazed. You’re amazed. I can’t believe this was that easy.

Now you’re all set!

Except for the fact that you don’t have a way to actually purchase Bitcoin, AMLKYC, production-ready code…but hey! That’s a lot of progress in 5 minutes, right?



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