How to create a Bitcoin Casino in 5 minutes.

Omaid Faizyar
3 min readFeb 23, 2019


The bear market is almost over!

You decide to create your own Bitcoin Casino.

You Google ‘How to Create a Bitcoin Casino’

Hey! A Medium article! Those are pretty reliable!

Before you start, you need the following tools installed: NodeJs,Yarn,Express,MongoDB

First, download my severely underrated repository that I open-sourced last year, and follow the GIF below.

The commands are:

git clone

cd Bitcoin-Slot-Casino/


npm start

You’re going to get an error message. This is because you haven’t created an Access Token. Sign up for an account here.

Go to your User Settings → Developer Options. Create an access token. Follow the GIF below. We’re using testnet so your 2FA code is ‘000000’.

Edit the 7th line of node_backend/routes/api.js with your own access token

Once you’ve added your access token let’s try again.

Your Bitcoin Casino is now open for business. Go to http://localhost:3000

Your Bitcoin Casino is super clean. Create your own account to see what’s next

You log into your account and see a sleek modern UI which almost makes up for the fact that the slots are off-center and look out of place.

You decide to give it a shot. You send some Bitcoin to wallet and pull the lever.

You hit the jackpot! You now owe yourself $2300. You have your own online money-making machine.



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