DarkSide — False Flag Attack?


Yesterday the FBI announced that they were able to seize $2.3M of the ransom paid by Colonial pipeline to the hacker group DarkSide.

They were able to do this by accessing the Bitcoin wallet which was presumably on Coinbase.

The internet immediately responded with calls of FUD and false flags.

DarkSide has an affiliate program anyone can sign up for.

DarkSide takes 10–25%

Affiliates are generally low-level script kiddies who don’t have the best security skills.

The affiliate got popped, not DarkSide

Notice how they didn’t recover all the funds?

Yes, well…kind of

DarkSide is a cybercrime enterprise, they are a company.

They aren’t ‘elite’. There are no zero-days involved or fancy’s hacking attacks.

DarkSide is good at what they do, and what they do is ransomware.



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Omaid Faizyar

Omaid Faizyar

I hack into companies for a living and dabble in Bitcoin. Sometimes get quoted on Russia Today.